The Storehouse protects the Food, Wood, Stone and Ore (all resources, except Gold) in your city from being plundered by attacking players.  Each upgrade to the Storehouse protects more resources.

Researching Shrinking Powder increases your Storehouse's capacity.


Level Yield
1 Protects up to 100,000 of each resource
2 Protects  up to 200,000 of each resource
3 Protects up to 300,000 of each resource
4 Protects up to 400,000 of each resource
5 Protects up to 500,000 of each resource
6 Protects up to 600,000 of each resource
7 Protects up to 700,000 of each resource
8 Protects up to 800,000 of each resource
9 Protects up to 900,000 of each resource
10 Protects up to 1,000,000 of each resource

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