At start all players have 7 days protection from attack (or attacking other players) and have up untill their castle is level 5 before their begging protection is done:

Start Up Buildings/Resources TableEdit

Item Level Quantity
Castle 1 1
Might N/A 1
Alchemy Lab 1 1
Cottage 1 9
City Squares (Total) 0 31
Wall 1 1
Resource Fields 0 9
Farm 1 9
Sawmill 1 9
Quarry 1 9
Mine 1 9

Start Up Items TableEdit

Item Category


Merlin's Magical Tokens Misc 1
Renaming Celebration Misc 1
Merlin's Cloak Misc 1
Knight's Hourglass Speed Up 2
Squire's Hourglass Speed Up 5
Harvest Prayer Resources 1
Druidic Blessing Resources 1
Dwarven Mining Tools Resources 1
Gnomish Stone Cutter Resources 1

Initial Resources Table

Type of Resource Quantity
Food 10,000
Wood 10,000


Ore 10,000
Gold 10,000


All items in Research start at Level 0 except Fertilizer which is at Level 1 because it is the First Recommended Quest. See Quests page for more details about Quests.

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