Also see Moving Resources

Instead of having to produce resources via the various buildings it is possible to obtain them either by purchase, appear in the chests that are awarded for Level changes or finally via Merlin's Chest (Chance).

Resource "Purchase" Table
Type Quantity Gem Cost
Food/Wood/Stone/Ore/Gold 40,000 10
Food/Wood/Stone/Ore/Gold 250,000 55
Food/Wood/Stone/Ore/Gold 500,000 95

Alternatively instead of purchasing or being awarded a specific quantity of a resource one may obtain "power ups".

Resource "Power up" Table
Name Material affected % improvement Duration Gem cost
Druidic Blessing Wood 25 24 hours 8
Druidic Ceremony Wood 25 7 days 50
Gnomish Stone Cutter Stone 25 24 hours 8
Gnomish Quarrying Team Stone 25 7 days 50
Harvest Prayer Food 25 24 hours 8
Harvest Festival Food 25 7 days 50
Dwarven Mining Tools Ore 25 24 hours 8
Dwarven Assistance Ore 25 7 days 50
Day of Prosperity Gold 25 24 hours 45
Week of Prosperity Gold 25 7 days 280

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