Combat "Power ups" Table
Name Purpose % if applicable Duration Gem Cost Note
2H Dove of Peace Cannot be attacked or attack - 2 hours 8
8H Dove of Peace See above - 8 hours 20
12H Dove of Peace See above - 12 hours 30
Blood Lust Increases Attack of troops by 20 24 hours 10
Blood Frenzy See above 20 7 days 60
Barkskin Increase Life of troops by 20 24 hours 10
Stoneskin See above 20 7 days 60
Train with Kay Gives 1,000 experience to your knight - - 8
Train with Galahad Gives 10,000 experience to your knight - - 30
Train with Arthur Gives 50,000 experience to your knight - - 100
Mystic Training (plus number) Allows a knight below the 'number' to be increased by 1 level Increase is ALWAYS to 0 on next level
Grail Training (plus number) ?

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